about me

Musician, Web Developer, C# Programmer, Techie, Gamer, WriterVinyl Collector and YouTuber
I both thrive in and actively seek out creative environments.

As a musician; a multi-lingual tenor vocalist, who can reach baritone and contralto I have a vast appreciation for music of all genres. I have immense respect for what can be accomplished just by using your voice as well and aspire to be a voice actor. I also started a YouTube Channel uploading videos of various songs that I covered, which had a two year run. I’m in the midst of re-branding and improving the concept and content my the channel, which once I have, I will be relaunching it.

As a programmer and gamer, I have a deep rooted ambition of one day, starting up a small and humble games development studio and am currently developing my own video game. It’s an ongoing project for which  I’m currently writing the six part novel that parallels the campaign story-line, which as of this year (2020), has been a seven year labour of love.

A Brief History

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with gaming and technology; with how technology works, how I can make the most out of it and how I can make it work for me, having been born with Cerebral Palsy on my right side.

Where gaming is concerned, what fascinated me and still does to this very day, are

The Core Mechanics of a video game, specifically as an adult who has CP in my right hand, back in the day I was forced to master the art of playing console and PC games with virtually one hand, which I can proudly say is now second nature to me… Give a game controller any controller and I can play the game one handed…

I’m both in awe of and extremely grateful for the fact that so many games and studios today accommodate the disabled. But aside from that, I’m awe of the fact that studios are always pushing the envelope and finding ways to incorporate new tech and new methods of game play.

The Hardware games utilise to achieve maximum performance, and from a creative standpoint, exactly that;

The creativity employed to produce the final product, whether it be 3D Modelling, Art and Design,  Script Writing, Vocal Acting, Sound Engineering, Programming… you name it. I adore every facet of the Game Making Process and very few things in life I can safely say have such a profound effect on me as a whole.

Which is why, I’ve set my course in life not only to becoming a Games Developer and employ all the different aspects of my creativity; my music, my creative writing, my programming skills, my love of vocal acting, but to starting my own Development Studio in the hopes that through my indie studio, I’ll have to chance to employ and work with individuals like myself, regardless of disability and that together I alongside my prospective employees, might be able to create something spectacular and by doing so, give back to a gaming community, who has given me so much so far.