Of Game Development and The Written Word

After six long years, I’ve finally printed a first draft of the first instalment of my six part fantasy novel, which will serve as the campaign storyline for the 3D, open World Fantasy RPG Collectathon Video game I’m developing and have been doing so on and off for the past seven years.

Meanwhile I’m hard at work writing the second instalment while simultaneously mapping out the subsequent four instalments in a dedicated effort to omit any and hopefully all plot holes.


Regarding 3D Open World Fantasy RPG, after having completed the Pre-Alpha Stage prototype within Unity within the first three years, having taught myself C++ and C# in a real dedicated effort to undertake the life course I’ve set myself, I’ve moved away from the Unity Engine and towards Unreal Engine 4 and haven’t looked back.

It took me a while, as I’m wearing multiple hats, but using the Unity build as a blueprint, I’ve successfully rebuilt the game from the ground up using UE4 and as of 23rd of June (the time of writing), I now have a fully functioning prototype, and have gone so far beyond where I was at with the Unity build.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to compose the music and sound bytes as both inspiration for the novel and the RPG.