No Mountain Too High, or Dream too big!


So I’ve always seen myself as a “Blue Sky Thinker” and let’s face it a bit of a dreamer, but in today’s world, I believe that people shouldn’t have the right not to dream and reach for the stars, because it is possible…

I mean look how far we’ve come! … Not just in technology but in every aspect of the modern world.

OK, I can so vividly remember, the days of old, when I was playing on my old man’s computer, which at the time was pretty much was rocking a micro diskette drive and was running MS DOS on what was then considered by myself, my brothers, my sister and my cousins to be top of the hardware. We’d play games like Dangerous Dave, Captain Comic, The Hugo Trilogy and Tank Wars and it’s amazing to think that we were pretty much blown away with the entertainment value and a deep rooted sense of wonderment, that today would most definitely pale in comparison to the games that are currently out there.

So now, fast forward twenty or so years and we’ve got a myriad of AAA games, some of which have already been released with more being released next year, that are being built around the paradigm of “virtual reality”… Say what? … Again look how far we’ve come!

I must admit, that even though I dream big and have an abundance of creativity to my character, I’ve always come up just short of the mark in the confidence department when pursuing them, as there’s always that seed of doubt in the back of my mind that has pretty much become the equivalent of a long-term tenant and it puts a damper on things, mostly due to my over analysis on how people might react if I told them “Hey, I’m looking to start up my own games development studio,..” or simply not knowing where or how to start.

But I suppose the flipside of that particular coin is that I have always had an unwavering belief to see my dreams through no matter how long or arduous the journey.

And that is precisely why I have held my head high and continued for the last four years chasing a singular aspiration of building my own games development studio and at the same time, working on a series of projects tied into the aforementioned aspiration and continuing to move forward so that when fantasy becomes reality it’s that much sweeter… I’ve always believed that it’s better to shoot for the moon no matter what because even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney