My Novel

For the last eight years I have been hard at work writing a fantasy saga, separated into six instalments and expanding into a series of comic books.

Since then I have completed the first instalment and after editing several drafts, early last year I sent my my manuscript to a local publishing house, and while it was praised for being meticulously detailed and rich, it was unfortunately rejected. However it hasn’t discouraged me in the slightest, quite the contrary in fact, since then I have gone back and expanded it to include their feedback and now I’m finally read to seek out prospective literary agents and or publishers for another attempt.

Meanwhile I’m hard at work writing the second instalment while simultaneously mapping out the subsequent four instalments and beyond (comic book issues and official sequels) in a dedicated effort to omit any and hopefully all plot holes.

Regarding the lore, over the last eight years it has evolved into a life of its own which will make it far easier for me to have it branch out into the different mediums, (comic books, video games etc…)

As of 2021 I’m currently throwing my hat back into the ring, seeking out literary agents, while sending my first instalment off to a select group of “Beta Readers”.